Suhail's Jihad

A dear friend Suhail Abu al-Sameed has been thrown right into the storm generated by the MJC's Hukum in South Africa-that follows showings of the film there. Suhail became a part of the debate raging around Islam and Homosexuality in that country, from the time we went on The Voice of the Cape. I have known Suhail for years and he is a remarkable and courageous activist who deserves all of our support.

For more details on Suhail coming out to Ulema in Johannesburg go to:

Gay Muslim Outs Himself to Muslim Scholars at Conference


Anonymous said...

hi parvez, salaam

firstly, congratulations on your wonderful film, your jihad : it seems to be an incredibly courageous and rewarding endeavour.

I don't know if you remember at sheffield there was that 'don't panic, I'm islamic session' : pretty awful, in many repects, I thought. anyway, I was the guy in the audience who had a brief dialogue with you around what the film personally revealed
( in the best traditions of documentary) to me about Islam : I think in particular I emphasised the attention to the principle of ijtihad.

anyway, what I really wanted to address (but didn't realise til afterwards!) was one of your co-panelistas, who was going on about how islam was such a problem for her (and western materialism's propensity for destruction isn't a problem ??). I came to the conclusion that actually for westerners to try and understand Islam is not so much a PROBLEM as a wonderful OPPORTUNITY, the striving to understand can be a bridge between rationalism and spirituality ( which the west has so patently lost, in its overthrowing of institutionalised religion).

anyway, that amongst many other things is what I took from your film : I think it was a film first and foremost about LOVE and I think I just wanted to thank you for making it.

take care, alistair

ps you're right england is decrepid

Anonymous said...

ps here's a good link for you : a friend who has designed written created an english-arabic dictionary for kids : I recommend it to you !


Whilst i have flirted with this idea for a long time, the current political/ideological context solidified my aspirations. This Christmas and Eid, please consider engaging in positive action in the smallest of ways-instead of buying more plastic for our children, let us prayerfully teach them a few words of a beautiful language.

'Now, more than ever before, is the time to teach our children, and thus ourselves, the illusionary nature of difference. If we can show them that language, culture and politics do not divide or define us, just maybe their tongues will be better equipped to speak the language of peace.'

Anonymous said...

I think Suhail is very courageous and I salute him for what he did. I'm happy for him and for everyone who builds up the courage to be open about who they are.
And of course, a salute to you Parvez, you've opened up the door for new discussions and I'm sure you'll make a lot of people rethink what they take for granted. I'm a straight Muslim girl who supports gay rights (just so you know it's not only gay Muslims who appreciate your work!) and I think you're a wonderful human being. My best wishes to you...

timmy said...

your encourage must be saluted! there 're lots of title on gay life to talk. but important is to start!

best regards...

Anonymous said...

فاطمه زهرا و حضرت علی در جهاد سازندگی
الله در سوره بقره آيه 223 فرموده است:

نِسَآؤُكُمْ حَرْثٌ لَّكُمْ فَأْتُواْ حَرْثَكُمْ أَنَّى شِئْتُمْ وَقَدِّمُواْ لأَنفُسِكُمْ وَاتَّقُواْ اللّهَ وَاعْلَمُواْ أَنَّكُم مُّلاَقُوهُ وَبَشِّرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ.
زنانتان کشتزار شما هستند. هر طور که خواهيد به کشتزار خود درآييد. و براي خويش از پيش چيزي فرستيد و از خدا بترسيد و بدانيد که به نزد او خواهيد شد.

حديث اول در رابطه با اين آيه:
اليوم من الايام فاطمة الزهرا بنت رسول اشتب بالمنزل الرسول الله. رسول الله اسئلت وات هپن؟ قال فاطمة علي ولي الله اريد ان ادخل الي منقب مع کله. رسول الله قال علي يا علي واي يو آر فاکينگ ماي بنت مع اليور هد؟ قال علي آيه 223 ف ان ادخل بيکاز الله قال ادخل من هر طريق يو لاو.
رسول الله قال علي: المرديکه فاطمة لا کنيز شي ايز ماي بنت. لا فاکينگ فاطمه مع الکله فاک شي باي مامله القضيب.

در روزي از روزها فاطمه با شتاب به منزل رسول الله آمد و پشت سرش علي با سرعت داخل شد. فاطمه گفت پدر کمک علي مي خواهد با کله وارد منقب من شود . رسول الله بانگ زد علي تو چه مرگت شده؟
حضرت علي آيه 223 را خواند و گفت الله گفته هر طور که خواستيد وارد مزرعه خود شويد من هم با کله مي خواستم وارد شوم.
رسول الله فرمود خاک برسرت منظور خدا مامله ات بود نه کله اين کنيز جنگي نيست که هر طور خواستي بگايي.

حديث دوم:

روزي از روزها حضرت علي در منزل بانک زد يا فاطمة الزهرا اي مزرعه من بيا که مي خواهم تو را شخم بزنم. پس حضرت طي يک طرح جهادي به سرعت حاضر شد چرا که جهاد زن خوب شوهر داري است و بايد خود را در اختيار شوهرش بگذارد تا شوهر هرگونه لذتي ببرد.

فاطمه زهرا روي زمين دراز کشيد و علي روي فاطمه خوابيد مشغول شخم زدن شد.

شخم زدن که تمام شد فاطمه گفت يا علي ولي الله بر من بادمجان بکار. حضرت فرمود بادمجان کار من نباشد تو را به مساقات به بلال حبشي يا ابول اسود دودولي دهم تا بادمجان بر تو بکارد.

حضرت مشغول کاشت خيار شد. مدتي که گذشت حضرت مي خواست عبادت را به اتمام برساند ولي فاطمه زهرا ذکر وتسبيح گويان به ادامه عبادت مشتاق بود.

گفت يا علي بر من کدو بکار حضرت بر فاطمه کدو کاشت . زهرا فرمود يا علي هندوانه هم مي خواهم حضرت هندوانه نيز کاشت. به همين نحو تمام شب را حضرت به زراعت پرداخت انواع صيفي جات را بر زهرا نشا کرد و از براي ذوالجنان اسب وفادار فرزند فاطمه يونجه و شبدر نيز کاشتندي.

نخلستانهاي متعددي نيز از براي تهيه خرما بر زهرا فرو نشاندي تا اينکه حضرت علي کلافه شدندي و چون فاطمه از علي خواست جهت استفاده از سايه چناري نيز بر او بنشاند حضرت به يک باره بلند شد و بر کس فاطمه ريد.

فاطمه عصباني و شگفت زده گفت يا ولي الله چه کردي؟

حضرت علي فرمود يا فاطمة الزهرا هر مزرعه که چنين پر محصول باشد نياز به کود مناسب جهت تقويت محصول دارد و اينچنين بود که علي خود را از اين کار زراعت طاقت فرسا نجات دادندي تا انرژي کسب کردندي و شبي ديگر ذوالفقار بر کشيده فاطمه را به جهاد خوانده او را شخم زده و صيفي و چنار بر فاطمه نشا کند.


Fatima Zahra Bente Rasoul Allah NGO

Ya Fateme
يا فاطمة الزهرا بنت رسول الله

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