Poor Israel!

Please read in their very own newspaper-
Israel's PR war
My thought for the day-
Gideon Lichfiled once again in Haartez says it like it is. Poor Israel cant do PR? Right... And I am Obama...My heart bleeds every minute still, for the terrified population of southern Israel-poor things. I guess they don't have rather fancy bomb shelters, homes, internet, electricity and medical facilities for the useless rockets that fall into their perfectly paved neighborhoods. The rockets that they so fastidiously collect to parade to the foreign journalists they have forbidden entry into a fetid concentration camp called Gaza.


Help us make history!

Dear friends:

We have an urgent need.

We must raise $6,766 to subtitle A Jihad for Love in Farsi, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, and Turkish for global DVD distribution.

If even 14 people gave $500 or 27 people gave $250 or 45 people gave $150, then we would reach our goal. If we add Turkish, it is $1,458 more.

We are very proud of this groundbreaking work and have worked very hard to reach this point. A Jihad for Love has now been seen by 700,000 people in 30 nations with many lives transformed. People are convening, sometimes at great risk, private screenings in homes and organizations in Pakistan, Iran, Egypt and Bangladesh. However, the film cannot reach those in crisis who do not understand English. It is imperative that A Jihad for Love is available in the languages spoken by a majority of the world\'s 1.4 billion Muslims. There are tens of millions of Muslim gay and lesbian people, and their imams, families, and friends for whom A Jihad for Live has been and will be a lifeline. From Tehran to Istanbul, Cairo to Mumbai, Marrakech to Karachi, and Beirut to Dubai, a subtitled DVD will have impact for years to come as it is nearly impossible to screen the film on TV, in cinemas or safely in any public spaces in many countries.

Please help us make history!

Contact us immediately with ideas.

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