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BBC News Report on 'A Jihad for Love'

Tom Brook, one of the best film reporters in broadcast television does an excellent feature. It seems like he did take my suggestion to visit the Islamic Center at 96th Street in New York-to see what he found see the link below.

Tom Brook reports on 'A Jihad for Love' for BBC.

Mr. Brook does a good job in encapsulating the struggle. All I would want the respectable Imam to do-is to come and be an honoured guest at a screening. We will be in touch soon, Inshaallah.

All there is a 365 Gay.Com interview is here

" 365gay talked to Sharma about the myth of the Muslim monolith, how he found his "unlikely storytellers," and the jihad - the struggle - to reconcile who you are with what you believe. "

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Ateshbaz said...

Imamas like him repulse me. I do not need him or anyone else to communicate with my God, who does he think he is, these scholars and imams have been given way to much power.

Islam lives in the hearts and intentions of its followers not in beards or hijabs!




September 2007 is when I started (with a finished film, my first) and now some 49 countries and 8 million people later, the whole world is talking. The movement around this work has begun worldwide. We will be screening next year around the world and yes in Muslim countries as well.

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Director/Producer Parvez Sharma

Director/Producer Parvez Sharma
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