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The responses to The Huffington Post Feature are still coming in (a week after it went online)
'On the edge in Sumas' writes:
" Even more compelling and important to me than highlighting the lives
of gay people in Iran--this Muslim man's ability to focus on the
censorship, bigotry, and mass over-simplification of American media
with regard to Iran is brilliant. Don't miss his blog--"

You Tube has the featured television interview from The Hour here

The Wall Street Journal op-ed/ article can be read here

Kilian Melloy interviews me for The Edge (Boston) here

Bombs, Burqas and Burqinis is living here

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Ali writes from Toronto:
" You were in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I saw you on CBC, while I was at the gym. I am so happy for you that finally someone is writing and working for gays and lesbians. You are strong. You are courageous. You are so strong and I am so proud of you. I am 27. I am gay too. I am a Muslim. However, I do not practice Islam anymore because I was in depression for many years due to being gay. Now, I do not care. Anyway, keep the good work and I hope that Allah will reward you. Do not listen to screwed up Muslims...they do not know any better. They love denying and repressing and suppressing."

Finally, "Lean Mean Mujahideen" (I admire the construction of that screen name) writes on our FaceBook page from Saudi Arabia (This is what you are missing if you are not already a member of 'A Jihad for Love' Group on FaceBook):

Astaghfirallah...A'uthu Billah...
Allah, after giving the people of Lut Alayhi Salam so much time, destroyed the people of that community because they would not stop transgressing against what He has FORBIDDEN. The return of homosexuality is one of the signs of Yawmil Qiyamah, as stated by the Beloved Muhammad Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam.

Muhammad (SAW) said:
"When two homosexuals mount each other, the Throne of Allah shakes."

This is how major of a sin you are taking part in. I Pray that Allah SWT guides all of you to the Straight Path (no pun intended), for whoever Allah guides, no one can misguide, and whoever Allah leads astray, none can guide him.

Breaking News from Mohandessin in Cairo

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