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Oh Berlin!

Big premier tonight as the opening film of Panorama Dokumente
I am missing an 'important lunch' to write this quick post.
Why do we filmmakers have to endlessly network-and gather contacts to make our voices heard?
What is this networking madness? Is there space in the Universe for us all?
Questions of the day as I myself, prepare to plunge into the mosh pit ; )-and yes that will be later today.
Hopefully people will surround the film with love here as well. That for me is most important. I really said everything I could in the film, and it does speak for itself. So please come and engage with the film.
My Jihad continues! Allahu Akbar!

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Anonymous said...

Allah─▒n laneti sizin ve lut kavmi gibilerinin ├╝zerine olsun.



September 2007 is when I started (with a finished film, my first) and now some 49 countries and 8 million people later, the whole world is talking. The movement around this work has begun worldwide. We will be screening next year around the world and yes in Muslim countries as well.

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Director/Producer Parvez Sharma

Director/Producer Parvez Sharma
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