Džihádem za lásku

Yes that is the title of this film in Czech!
In Prague, this most ancient of capitals, scarred by its years of Communism-my Jihad has found an unlikely home. The audiences have been packed and in two screenings we have had more than 800 people see the film with a 45 minute question and answer session last night! People have been sitting in the aisles.
The reactions keep pouring in and one of the audience members from last night, wrote this beautiful comment:
"By watching Jihad for love today i realized many things: how difficult it can be for muslim people in their contries to admit that they are homosexual or even come out with it. Because their problem is not only about finding a balance in their souls with their sexual orientation. They need to find the balance with their religion as well, their love to god. And that in their societies is their orientation question of life or death. I just would like to support with my message all these people. There is nothing to feel guilty about, god made you, god loves you how you are, you and your feelings are creation of god."

Now onwward to Thessaloniki in Greece where the film will play on Tuesday. More details will follow.

Here are some press updates from Australia. Please just click on the links below.

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Anonymous said...

My wife and I were in attendance Friday night (sold out) and we were so impressed with this movie. I was moved to tears several times, but often rescued by some great pacing and editing. If only all the subjects of this docu could be rescued in the same masterful way! This is an important film. We're so glad we happened to be vacationing in Prague when it was shown there as part of a wonderful human rights film fest. Can't wait to see it again in July when it enjoys a well deserved theatrical release in Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

Allahın laneti sizin ve lut kavmi gibilerinin üzerine olsun.

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