Europe Tour Begins, The Dutch bin Laden and The Times writes

Great Article in the Times from London today by Tim Teeman. Here is the link:

A Jihad for Love: Can your faith really kill you?

Amsterdam-screening Friday night, the Hague on Saturday and a third screening on Sunday.

I will post updates from the road as a xenophobic, far right and misguided Geert Wilder decides to release his incredibly stupid so-called 'film'. I just wish Mr. Wilder would have the courage to show up at our screenings in his country tomorrow or on Friday and debate with Muhsin and myself.

I have seen 'Fitna' and as a filmmaker and a Muslim condemn Mr. Wilder's lack of knowledge and very obvious lack of any film making talent.

This is what I say to Mr. Wilder and the minority that supports him. This man is the Dutch Osama bin Laden, and I have no fear or shame in saying that.

"Your rather limited understanding of the world, Mr. Wilder means that thousands of young Pakistanis will not get internet access. You have no idea about pretty much anything-I suggest you begin educating yourself by inviting you as a special guest to our screening. But maybe your limited and polarising, not to mention opportunist politics will prevent you. Please do try and understand what 'Fitna' really means to us. And really try and get an education in Islam, in world politics, in the responsibility that comes with free speech and indeed in how to try and make a film. May I recommend classes and film school? How can someone like you be elected to office in such an amazing country that holds so much promise to so many of us?"


Anonymous said...

I thought it would be wise to promote your movie on my weblog instead of attracting even more attention to Wilders on the night his film went online. But I'm a bit saddened by your comment here:
It is not very intelligent to just say Wilders cannot make a decent film or that he has no knowledge of Islam. You must agree he's an incredible strategist. His party and Mrs Verdonk's party are on about 25 % op the vote in recent polls and rising. And that is only because other parties did not want to adress the problems with new minorities in our country. I think even more people then the polls suggest in NL have some serious questions on if and how the Muslim community can and will distance itself from religious terrorism.

I think there is a challenge there and to just say his questions are insulting and stupid is not helping us, Dutch gays, in settling our doubts about your religion.
Are young muslims in Amsterdam not attacking gay men on their way home from gay bars? Why do they think that is ok?

We also have some problems with the pretty fundamentalist Polish Catholics in this country (I got into a fight with them last fall at our local gay bar and ended up in the canal, which saved me, because they couldn't swim).
Further I also was raised religiously, but will not call myself Catholic anymore, èver, because that religion does not recognize me as the person I am and preaches that I should live a life of unhappiness and lies.

I know, we are all searching, and looking for way out of these troubled times. I have some great experiences with muslim fuck buddies. I very much like their attitude of: "I'm horny and I want to fuck, no questions asked; no relationship please" .
Maybe for the first decades the strategy of "don't als don't tell" is not such a bad idea.
Sadly that does not combine easily with good healt education and STD prevention.

Anonymous said...

I watched Wilder's film. It's something that I think has it's place. He is not criticizing people like Sharma in the film. He's simply drawing the clear connection between the particularly cruel and stupid bits of the Qur'an and the many violent and stupid actions of some muslims. Allah surely would have seen what these fools on Earth would do with his book. *sigh*

Perhaps it is not strategically sound. I certainly understand you not liking the film.

I'm a big supporter of you too, Parvez. I'm odd like that. Can't wait to see the film! (On Sundance or Logo? How long?)

Anonymous said...

Allahın laneti sizin ve lut kavmi gibilerinin üzerine olsun.

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