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Watching 'Jihad...' in Tehran

Another screening....this time in private, with curtains drawn, presumably...
A friend in Tehran invited some trusted friends including filmmakers over and they watched the film-I will not reveal names here but here is part of the email I got...
Hi Parvez,
I haven't heard from you for a long time but I know you are very busy with presenting your film around the world and The States.
I think it's a big success and I hope it goes perfect with everything.
I came back to Tehran....
I watched your beautiful film again yesterday with a few of my friends,they were all so touched by it---it is a powerful film and specially the story of the iranians were more touching for us.We have some similar scenes in our films....

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September 2007 is when I started (with a finished film, my first) and now some 49 countries and 8 million people later, the whole world is talking. The movement around this work has begun worldwide. We will be screening next year around the world and yes in Muslim countries as well.

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Director/Producer Parvez Sharma

Director/Producer Parvez Sharma
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