Poor Israel!

Please read in their very own newspaper-
Israel's PR war
My thought for the day-
Gideon Lichfiled once again in Haartez says it like it is. Poor Israel cant do PR? Right... And I am Obama...My heart bleeds every minute still, for the terrified population of southern Israel-poor things. I guess they don't have rather fancy bomb shelters, homes, internet, electricity and medical facilities for the useless rockets that fall into their perfectly paved neighborhoods. The rockets that they so fastidiously collect to parade to the foreign journalists they have forbidden entry into a fetid concentration camp called Gaza.


Ghazala Khan said...

Interview Request

Hello Dear and Respected,
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Ghazala Khan
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Joe Hardtke said...

Hello Mr. Sharma...

I'm a producer for the public radio program Here on Earth - Radio Without Borders. You can find out more about us at www.hereonearth.org.

We've been trying to reach you concerning possibly appearing on our program to discuss A Jihad for Love and related topics as part of our Inside Islam - Dialogs and Debates series. We tried calling the film's PR folks, but they said they were no longer working the movie. But I found your blog so I decided to drop you a note here.

Please get in touch with me when you can. My e-mail address is hardtke@wpr.org. Thanks!

Joe Hardtke
Producer/Technical Director
Here on Earth
Wisconsin Public Radio

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