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Parvez Sharma is going to die such a bad death...

So I re-visit my blog, after a long time-many travels, sold out screenings in eight cities in Holland and the day after the film showed on More4 in the UK (that tiny little island that has more Muslims than it knows what to do with!) to find some new fan mail.
I reproduce below. Comment if you wish.
"Parvez Sharma is going to die such a bad death, one that will startle those that dared to support him. Watch out paddy! every Devout Muslim from here to Azerbaijan will be hot on your trails trying to rid you from the face of this earth, we know what you look like so I guess thats a start. If I ever see you and your homo-herd in public I'm going to beat the shit out of you all, I'm going to tie a noose around your bits collectively, tie the other end to the tow bar of my car and drive off leaving off leaving you without your pistols"


H K :P said...

hey i done a post about this in my blog :


H.K :P said...

*enjoy loool ahahah i can't spell XD

David said...

Hey, H.K :P, who thinks she's soooo clever:

I took the bait and went to your blog post. You really did pay attention to the film--hmm, did it stimulate your mind or even your nether-parts?-- I'll give you that, but you write the most asinine rubbish at great length. I couldn't resist posting a comment there, and I copy it here:

Oh, give me a break! How small-minded and ridiculous you show yourself to be with this long tirade! You're just another one of these outrageously judgmental Muslims who think they're being all pious and correct by being as much of a fundamentalist prig as possible. Well, have you considered that you are being a heretic by judging gay and lesbian people, when you obviously consider Allah the ultimate authority? YOU are the apostate here, since you're putting upon yourself the responsibility that lies with God alone--the judgment and condemnation of others.

Wake up! Homosexuality is a fact. It is not a choice, and God, the all-powerful and the all-knowing, created brothers and sisters who are attracted to the same sex. Are you implying that God makes mistakes? Shame on you. Do yourself a favor and try thinking outside of your bafflingly restricted world and have some compassion for your fellow humans on earth.

bohemicus said...

H.K :P, only someone so narrowminded who never knew love could write something as silly and full of hate as you. Allah created all beings on Earth, who are you to judge His Divine creation. In the end, you will be most definitely judged for your loveless life full of hate.

Affy7860 said...

Parvez Sharma
i salute you
you stood up for yourself and have made a great documentary...
i myself am in the process of writing a book about a muslim boy who is trying to come to terms with his sexuality...

can i also ask if you have in anyway been threatened? are any of them serious?

meebo marry me said...

Did you that Meebo has gay hearts?

Anonymous said...

You will burn and die in hell. Stop thinking your hot shit. YOU bastard. I hope your happy to see SATAN where your going.You think it's OKAY to make stupid piontless documentarys about other people's religons. You have no clue and no right to make a religouse movie about anyones RELIONGS. You can stick to watever the hell you want to do but not in relioguse things.Mind your own DAMN busssiness. Fucker

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sharma,
You are a shining beacon to all of us. You are very inspirational, and i wish i could be as brave as you but i am not. One day, people like you will make it okay for people like me to live freely without fear. Thank You.

farrah q said...

wow, parvez, it's revolting to read some of these comments. for my fellow muslims writing such angry responses: please, for the sake of the ummah, let's try to come together and work towards eradicating real problems, like poverty and imperialism and the numerous wars that are plaguing our brothers and sisters. we frankly don't have the luxury of being divided. whatever borders separate us, sunni/shia, queer/straight, must be put aside for the sake of survival. we must honor our commitments as muslims to work towards the right of all human beings to lead a dignified life. that is a responsibility given to us by allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. parvez, may allah paak always bless you and protect meri jaan! i'll pray for your safety and health in my namaz.

Small Blue Thing said...

Assalaamu alaicum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

My prayers are not for Parvez. I do believe Allah has plenty of plans for you in this life ;)

I will pray for that kind of sick who commented, because he or she is going to give explanations of his/her words some day.

David Thorn said...

This is for the mental midget who commmented, 'Anonymous', on March 16 at 9:25 pm:

Thank God people like you who spread such vile, hateful words are not given much in the intelligence department. Since you're obviously as dumb as a bag of rocks and tainted with a vicious nature, you're destined to a miserable, spiteful life.

Don't worry, Parvez, idiotic bastards like this one have nothing to show for their pitiful lives. You have created a beautiful, powerful film that demonstrates that love will prevail.

A. S. said...

Parves, please do not lose hope.
The Muslims today are in the lowest of lows; they can't accept even the slightest of change, and can't even tolerate even the slightest of differences.

But I believe that one day, things will change. Perhaps you won't be able to witness it, but we will always remember you for supporting the Muslim homosexual community.

I myself am a Muslim gay men (from Malaysia), and I am happy to know that you support the plight of homosexuals AS a Muslim, and not as an apostate.

Allah understands you. Please believe in Him. It is not the Muslims today that will judge you in the Hereafter - it is Allah.

Please be careful. (I would like to help you, but I don't think I know what to do)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Sharma, I hope that you do not take those words from an immoral hypocrite seriously. You are a true Muslim and I hope that you do not let these so called "Muslims" who write hateful comments to you, bring you down. I am praying for your well being.

Lebbad said...

I would love to see your movie! Out and proud!!

Sunil Deepak said...

I saw the film yesterday and liked it. I have written about it on my website and on my blog

T said...

Dear Barack,
God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. Israel, a little spot in an ocean of Arab and/or Muslim countries, allows more freedom and goodwill to the Muslims in Israel who are launching rockets into Israel than all the surrounding Arab and/or Muslim nations who offer their Palestinian "brothers" not one piece of their vast lands. For someone espousing "love" you defend a very unlovely group of people and cling to a religion that relegates women to the role of chattel. Never have I seen Muslims demonstrate "love" beyond their own immediate family. Even among their family a father (or other male family member) may murder a daughter for various reasons - rape, fornication, conversion to another religion. There is constant conflict (war, murder, bombings) amongst the different varieties of Islam. Yes, poor Israel and poor Islamic nations but for different reasons.



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Director/Producer Parvez Sharma
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