50 Visionaries Who are Changing Your World

I am honoured and excited to be named one of 50 visionaries by the leading progressive journal, UTNE Reader. The list which includes people far more deserving than me is headed by the Dalai Lama.
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Anonymous said...

pooooooooriiiiiiiii monnnnnnneeeeeeeeee ninde koodeeelooooooodeeeeeeee ...... neeeeee entho vicharicheda nayeende mone....... eda oooommbaaaaaaaa ninde .........

Anonymous said...

dear brother...... u don't know what islam says....... i feel pity for you!!!!!!!! u will have to face a day...... !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am currently quarantined with swine flu and I watched your documentary out of pure happenstance. As a gay Lebanese American, I feel so lucky. I am proud of you and feel blessed to know your work.

For all you who are lost, never fear. God created you with an precise vision in mind-- and that is exactly what you are. You are protected. Always.


mthlykaweyy said...


how r u

iamhaapy for ur huma activities for homo sexuality and gays and so proud of u iam blogger too and iam homo sexuality live in egypt

and i supported
and i agree with u in this post

for connecting me

i iwill wait ur reply or ur send

thank u

Andrea said...

Hello, my name is Andrea Shoup and I am a senior at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri.

I am currently taking a course in international cinema and would like to conduct a brief online interview with you about your film and the filmmaking industry.

This interview, with your permission, would be published on a blog I contribute to with my classmates: http://stephensfilm.blogspot.com

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Andrea said...

Also, my email address is andrea.j.shoup@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Sharma, my name is Yassmein, I would very much like to screen your film at the college I attend, Middlebury College. I tried contacting you at info@ajihadforlove.com and I don't think my email went through. My email address is yjamil@middlebury.edu, I would like to talk to you about the logistics of screening. Please send me an email. Thanks

ucbamnesty said...

Mr. Sharma, like Yassmein above i would like to show your film at the University of California Berkeley but your contact information does not work. I understand that sometimes there is a fee involved and i need the rights to the film. My email is marshalld@berkeley.edu, and hopefully you can get your email up and running soon. Thank you! --Danielle

Anonymous said...
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