My new article in The Guardian

I write about the appalling distaste of a "Slum" birthday cake for Bollywood film star Shabana Azmi's 60th birthday in the British newspaper - The Guardian

Please comment on their website and the link is here


karneval said...

Nun dieses ist wirklich nett. Karneval Kostüme

Aching said...

Mr Sharma, Shabana Azmi is a well known social activist and has made a career in art house cinema unlike the mainstream that bollywood is generally associated with. She has portrayed the poorest of the poor in her film roles and in doing so has sensitised the "better off" sections of the society of a world below them. The cake was a tribute and certainly not tastless. Its only "pseudo" intellectuals like you who would think otherwise. Its very easy to write for a paper from a country that ruled over you and gain cheap publicity at the expense of someone who has been "down in the trenches". Could you please blog about your contributions to the slum dwellers of Dharavi or any other place before raising questions about Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar's sense of humour?

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