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At about 11:13 am the image (see below and above) was GONE.

Timeline of events:
At about 9:15 am I noticed the image.
At 9:30 ish I posted the fact of its existence on my Facebook home-page.
By 9:45 I sent them my first email. (I sent three in total after being asked to provide my contact details from an automated response).
On my Facebook I posted the image at 10:30 am.
Friends started writing that they were emailing them.
At around 10:45 am I presciently posted the following on my Facebook page saying:

Here is the offensive NYT Sunday am photo-before they remove it and say it never existed! See thread below for details.

I even posted a quick column on Huffington Post. (Their young blog editors are probably still hungover from the weekend. Lets see if HuffPo publishes it).

At 10:40 am or thereabouts I tweeted this below-

Blatant Islamophobia on display in the NY Times Sunday web-edition @NYTimes

This is the power of us watching the media, folks. Thankfully I was able to take a screen grab of the image and hopefully it now exists for posterity and can go viral, as it should. Post your comments here or connect with me and/or the links on Facebook and Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Nuke Mecca and Medina. Slaughter the Mullahs. Slaughter thousands of pigs on the soil where Mecca stood. Allah is not God. He is the Egyptian moon God. Islam is a false Religion. Mohammed was a psychopathic pedophile, homosexual, rapist and murderer. Muslims are Human Excrement!

deepak said...

You are indeed full of contradictions and pretty hypocritical at that. Islam is a supremacist religion which seeks to establish a Caliphate. Islam makes no pretense of the fact that it seeks to destroy other faiths and ways to worship God. In Islamic theology, Islam is the perfected religion that Allah sent thru countless prophets (took Him pretty long time to get it right it seems) and when he did get it right we have an Islam on our hands that chops heads and limbs, makes Hindus pay Jizya, wants to keep Jews as Dhimmis, breaks up India, and blow up Christians. Yet, you a gay person do not hv the guts to defy such a fascistic creed, but chose to make excuses. I suggest you reject Islam and expose it for what it is- and not make excuses for this extremely dangerous dogma that inspires monsters like Mahmud Ghazni thru Yahya Khan to slaughter infidels and Khomeinis to hang gay people like yourself. What u portray is another form of Al Taqiyah - Islamic deceit. Give it up already!



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Director/Producer Parvez Sharma
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