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Its raining emails!

In two weeks I have more than 1900 unanswered emails between our Facebook groups and my contact emails. The love and the emotion are beginning to show. I promise to answer everyone and will be posting some email comments here. I post them, without comment for the moment.

One person wrote:
"Well done!! You have gone where very few dared to go. Thank you for making a movie we feel we can own.!!!!"

Another one (she is unable to spell it seems) writes:
"punishments from god come to wer ppl r gay
dis is wrong in soo many ways
its haram to be gay
ur muslim den readhadits and da holy quran
ur not born gay
u choose to be gay
and dats wrong
my opinion
but i pray allah(swt) guides u to da rite path
and forgives u
cause muslims arent suppose to begay"

David from Toronto writes:
"Congratulations on the standing ovation at Tuesday's public screening!"

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September 2007 is when I started (with a finished film, my first) and now some 49 countries and 8 million people later, the whole world is talking. The movement around this work has begun worldwide. We will be screening next year around the world and yes in Muslim countries as well.

For more updates email me at parvezsharmaATgmailDOTcom and post your comments here as well.

Imam Muhsin Hendricks and his website for the Inner Circle

Director/Producer Parvez Sharma

Director/Producer Parvez Sharma
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