Last screening at midnight tonight and then I leave Rio.
The al-Arabiya interview I did with Muna Shikaki has aired in Dubai six times on Wednesday morning's news cycle. More to follow (watch the space for a hyperlink).
I will be blogging on 'The Huffington Post' soon about 'The Madness of Kings Bollinger and Ahmadinejad' (as I call it).
In Brazil-rave reviews in the national press today and some on the web. Also excellent articles in the major newspapers O Dia and Tribuna da Imprensa (on the front page of the website right now)

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Yas said...

I hope you have enjoyed Rio... defitinely Rio enjoyed your movie. Everybody I know who saw it, liked it a lot! And so did I! Congratulations!!! Inshallah, it will be a gr8 success everywhere!

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