Catch us in Rio this weekend

The end of (making) a film is just the beginning of a movement
More blog entries will follow as I try to recover from the warmth and love at all of the screenings in Toronto-even our last show at midnight on Saturday (September 15, 2007) was packed with an incredibly receptive audience. It was a privilege to have some of the subjects of the film: Muhsin, Mazen and Payam present at the screenings. (Payam came on Saturday night and that meant that there were subjects present at all of our three screenings). Our Screenings at the Rio International Film Festival begin this weekend.
In the meantime
WATCH: An interview on FilmCatcher.com here
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Turkish Daily News article (from Reuters) here
READ: Film in Focus (Blogger spells my name wrong and a few factual errors but a good report)
READ: Financial Express
Still to come- CNN, Al Arabiya (look out for this on the 24th through 26th of September), al- Jazeera, BBC-Talking Movies with Tom Brook and on the 2nd of October-I am on 'The Hour with George Stromboulopolous"-Canada's (CBC) top rated news show

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Khuram said...

Congrats Parvez - can't wait to see you when you're back in NY.


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