Singapore censors say four films banned from film festival (FROM AFP)


timmy said...

very bad to be censored!
tomarrow, A Jihad for Love will be on istanbul film festival! very nice to see you. congratulations!...

Anonymous said...

i am from singapore and i am deeply saddened that your film is banned in the film festival. the censors in singapore are obviously myopic and prejudiced, afraid to screen anything that might disturb the appearance of stability. i think the main reason for this banning is that the censors are afraid that people will 'turn gay' upon watching your film (or any pro gay lesbian films). we do indeed have a very immature censorship system in singapore. i wish there was still a way for me to catch your film. anyways congratulations for the success of your film! :)

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm from Singapore and I am actually looking forward to your movie when I first found out that it's gonna be screening for Film Festival 08. I was psyched in fact. When i found out that the screening was banned, you have no idea how disappointed i was. Sigh. grr.

its really sad. it'd be good if we here in Singapore get to enjoy your film! Then again, good luck in your future endeavors!

Anonymous said...

im ok with it. cause like seriously however warped are you, islam doesnt allows homosexuality and please dont try to link both together. thanks. though i'll pray for your straight path. insyaallah.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way you can make the film available to people in countries where they won't be able to watch screenings of it? When is it coming out on dvd?

Anonymous said...

All Praise be to Allah that your film is banned.

There is no homosexuality in Islam.

We pray that people like you will return to the Straight Path and undo the grievous damage that you have caused to Islam.

Unknown said...

Praise be to Allah for the creation of Man with the ability to think.

I am a Singaporean, I just happen to prefer women, than men. I am proud to be a Muslim although it is an intangible privilege to be and quite misunderstood upon. Definitely, it is a constant struggle(jihad) to reconcile faith and sexuality. Alot of us are still surviving through oppression and homophobia although I have friends who are able to do just that with traditional Muslim parents giving their blessings and accepting their children's sexuality.

I am utterly disgusted over the film being banned in Singapore, yet it is predictable in many cases.

However, about the film:
Just from the synopsis itself, years of extensive research and follow ups(from the seeking of donations to the well thought of working titles, etc), this film has portrayed the courage and struggle in the lives of homosexual muslims almost all over the world. Clearly, it took copious amounts of effort and hard work to come up with something which just seeks to portray the world and lives of PLUs in a very honest manner, like an observer. Congratulations to you, Parvez, cast and crew of this eventful film which I hope, will be out on DVD soon.

Futhermore, my reply to the negative comments in these couple of post is:
"The most destructive element in the human mind is fear. Fear creates aggressiveness." - Dorothy Thompson
How well do you know queers like us? Are you more ashamed of "Muslim" terorrists who claim their lives and lives of others "in the name of Allah" or muslim homosexuals who are just trying to live and survive? Having said being a proud Muslim and gay, would you still shake my hand? Would you disrupt ties between fellow brothers and sisters because of their sexuality, whereby Islam teaches us to tighten the ties not only between fellow Muslims but also of people in general?
There is a need for communication between people like me and you(those anonymous), especially if you are Singaporeans. It is a very silent city country but there has to be an immediate attention towards the further understanding of principles and perspectives between both parties. We are still all humans, by the way.

Religion is a private affair between Man and God. To each, his own, for only Allah can judge us. There is no reason why we all can't get along. God Willing.

Anonymous said...

Allahın laneti sizin ve lut kavmi gibilerinin üzerine olsun.

Anonymous said...

someone should really end anonymous' misery

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