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Tekyön and the travelling Kaffiyeh

Turkey and its many walls of silence are immense. Last night, in a repeat of anti-Kurdish sentiment the burly bouncer at Tekyön (one way) the sweaty and raunchy 'gay bar' in Beyoglu asked me to take off my Kaffiyeh. Its green and it has had many travels around the world (I will share them soon) but here in Turkey, clearly the land of the not so free-it evokes a different sentiment. The gay bar can have an entire wall with a mural of four hirsute Turks holding up a pride flag, but the Kaffiyeh is a problem.
The festival says, they need to take extra precautions with security while we are here.
Have just spent the whole afternoon with a wise and wonderful Turkish journalist friend, who wants to leave- he says the situation has never been this bad and 'anything can happen'. The Kemalists fear an Iran style revolution. The Islamists andd the ruling AKP (
Ah Kay Pay for the un-initated) have been asked to shut down. The Army watches. So for the Turks-is there only ONE WAY (Tek Yön) out of this mess?
Let us see what Jihad brings on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Allahın laneti sizin ve lut kavmi gibi olanların üzerine olsun.



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Director/Producer Parvez Sharma
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