The Best Review

Knowing that most opinions are not humble, in my humble opinion the best review of this film so far was written by Philip Kennicott for the Washington Post, and indeed was read widely by the sell out audiences in DC this weekend. Philip seems to have done a thoughtful viewing of my layered film and offers analysis as opposed to frustrated (or ignorant) judgement.
I quote:
Sharma is right to keep his focus tight. He is interested in the faithful, and their conflicts, not the broader cultural issues surrounding sex and Islamic society -- though he can't help but show the second-class status that women generally suffer in many Islamic countries. His focus on religion -- and this particular religion's almost universal hostility to same-sex love -- means that there can be no answers to the spiritual searching of many of his characters. Which leads to a strange division of sympathy in the viewer. Sharma's characters want acceptance from people who refuse to give it, and at some point, you want to tell them: Leave. Get out. Be done with the madness that oppresses you.

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