Pain, Palin, Jihad

As the Sarah Pain-McSame ticket becomes increasingly indistinguishable from the platform Ahmadinejad (of Eye-Ran) ran on (and won) in 2005 and as we commemorate the fact that like Ms. Palin, Mr. Nejad was also a mayor. One big difference-Tehran has more than 15 million souls, Wasilla has about 6, 000 people and Alaska has about 700, 000 people- (some of this does not need to be connected, but when you look at the issues, SarahBull sounds like Ayatollah Ali Khameini)...

Well as all of this happens and it becomes easier, always to connect the dots I ran into two interesting little articles about the film- (there are many more but I only post the ones people send me links to)...

One in the mostly pro-Zionist, Jewish Daily Forward, problematically (and hardly originally) titled 'Trembling Before Allah'-I had a few reservations talking to them initially primarily because of their editorial slant...read it here and decide for yourselves.

Another nice little feature runs in Williamette Week and that is here

Jihad continues doing strongly and opens in Atlanta this weekend-please tell all your friends!

There are hundreds of emails I continue getting and some I do reproduce here (not possible for all to fit in...and certainly not possible for me, right now to reply to all of these wonderful people...)

"I saw your film on Sunday @ 4 along w/discussion. I just wanted to let you know how moved and informed I was by your work. Thank you for making the film. For me, as a white American, I knew very little about the details of the gay struggle for Muslims in their home countries. I was very drawn into to all of the stories. Again, thank you."

" Keep going Parvez! The only way to open firmly closed minds is to keep drilling little holes in them. "

"To every one who is happy about this .. do you know what the sentence for this act is . "

"That's a necessty to work more on this subject.Thanks a lot Parvez Sharma for this work and this courage. We needed it in the muslim world."

"This is insane, just getting fame in the name of islam. huh!"

"There is NO CONCEPT of being gay or a lesbo in ISLAM, It prohibits such homo things and a muslim would never do this i repeat a MUSLIM WOULD NEVER DO THIS.
Just read the verses from Quran, where it mentions the whole nation i.e Kaum - Loot (of lesbian n gays) was destroyed since they didn't obey words of GOD (Quran).
I'd say only this is Bullshit!!!"

"You are a cunt and you are gay fuckin propagandist no propergaandoo"

(my footnote on this last one: "Gandoo" is the pejorative in Hindi/Urdu for someone who 'takes it up the ass", literally)

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