72 Hours, Two Best Documentary Awards

Last night in Montreal- was profound and amazing.
One sold out screening here at Image+Nation Festival. The Festival decides to do a second screening and that sells out as well within minutes. People queue up in large numbers. An Egyptian man, who was almost on the Queen Boat, sobs and says the film is about his life. A young Muslim man finds affirmation in the fact that at fifteen a Sheikh told him he could not be gay and Muslim, and that now in his twenties, watching the film, he finally finds some answers in the faith he had almost rejected. A Malaysian Muslim commits to helping us when we bring the film to Malaysia.
And finally, less than 72 hours after our Best Documentary Award in Sao Paulo, the Jury here in Montreal votes and decides that 'A Jihad for Love' is the Best Documentary at the Festival.
After last night's screening, Rony writes:
"Hi Parvez,
I really was touched by your movie tonight, very well made.
I hope it will inspire the community and start a kind of revolution to change things and help the others who dont have the chance to live in a free country.
So many are in pain and at risk of death, and not much we can do about it, but it takes sometimes a "small" start like that for a big change.
Good luck and hope to see you in Montreal soon.

Faheem from South Africa writes again:

I have been working with a few gay people for a couple of months. Them being good people to work does not justify the fact that they still are sinning.
Homosexuality is sinful, and anal sex is Haraam and punishable in Islam.
Regards - Faheem

And then another comment from The Mother City (Cape Town), clearly Ground Zero for the film, atleast in the ten weeks since the film was born.

Hi Mr Sharma
I truly commend you for the beautiful film you have made.I am fortunate to live in Cape Town which does protect the rights of our gay and lesbian citizens.I know many gay muslim men and it is quite sad to see how they are treated by misguided members of their muslim brother and sisters.At the end of day, we are children of God and from what i know, Islam is a religion of peace and love so the hatred directed at the gay community is alarming. We are not here to judge anybody irrespective of creed, race or sexual orientation.

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