Best Documentary Award

A Jihad for Love was awarded the Best Documentary and People's Jury Award last night, here in So Paulo at the MIX BRASIL Festival. We will be adding pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello to all and Salam to all Muslim people. I would like to express my disgust in the growth of this sinful and demoralising activity - homosexuality.
I have read the interview by Hassan Mirza to yourself Parvez and although this conversation is intelectually and homosexually appetizing to all your gay readers and fans, its definitely not applaud-able to any sensible muslim or non-muslim.

You claim to be the first person to break the walls of silence in defense of gays when the gay issue has not been silent at all. The stench of its gaping hole has long been opposed in the Holy Quran. When you say that you dont have a choice to be muslim, you actually have made a concious choice not to obey Islam publically. Islam means to submit to Allahs laws and will.

Just rememebr that our Prophet muhammad SAW has left for us a complete religion and what you are doing is nothing but distorting and corrupting the minds of many young people who choose to be misguided by you willingly or through their vulnerability.

You should take some time off and really make a conscious decision as to what you really want to happen to you once the two Angels appear in your grave.
Allah is Most Forgiving and he forgives all sins except Shirk (making partners with Him). I dont know if these words wil ever reach your heart but please take not of the following...
If gays assume that Islam has a place for homosexuality then why do the laws of Mahram and non-Mahram apply to women and men relationships? If you have to cover your Auwrah (portion of your body between navel and knees) from other strange women and males, and women in turn have to cover their whole body except hands and face from strange men, then how would these laws apply to gay or lesbian people? If the Quran or hadeeth does not advise us on these issues then who will be brave/ignorant enough to add to the pure wording and guidance from the Quran?

If gay people say that people shouldnt assume that they have anal intercourse, then what is it that they desire in same gender relationships, as all humans have the natural tendencies of carnal desires. So what leads to Haraam is Haraam and inhibiting or encouraging homosexuality will only encourage anal sexual intercourse isnt it? This type of intercourse is strictly forbidden in Islam between unmarried / married heterosexual couples. Needless to say that if this is Haraam for heterosexuals, then what is there left for gay 'muslims' to deny/justify?

You need to make ghusl, and then make Toubah (return to Allah in forgiveness) and say your Kalimah again and start immediately promoting the correct beliefs which Allah has instructed us with.

No man or woman is born gay/lesbian. It is a conscious decision you have made and do not blame Allah for your shortcomings.

Allah knows best. May He guide and protect us from our infallibility.

Anonymous said...

Faheem darling..... go and watch the movie.... It speaks very beautifully about Islam. Also, what we know of the Quran is but mere interpretation. What I know of the Quran in my personal engagement with it, is that it protects the rights of even those who do not believe, never mind gays. It's clear that you have not mixed with gay people at all so you assume they make choices and even if they did, it does not harm anyone.

You should be more open-minded, that will lead to true Allah-consciousness rather than blind following which you are clearly guilty of.

May Allah guide you and all those who still view homosexuality as a sin. what will be your answer when the two angels apprear to you in the grave when they might ask you: "and how did you treat the homosexuals whom Allah has placed there for you as a test? Did you judge them when only Allah is the judge..."

Take some time out to think about this. With love and peace

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