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I write from the road.
We had two packed screenings in Blighty-The Sheffield Documentary Film Festival. Will write an updated report on that. Britain's, 'The Independent' ran a full page story which can be seen here
Sheffield is an amazing festival but suffers from a lack of audiences off the street-the majority in the theater comprise industry 'types'.

In South Africa, where the faultlines of prejudice and an apartheid that is not quite yet gone, run deep we have had two screenings-in Johannesburg and in Cape Town. Last night's Q and A went on for almost an hour and most of the packed audience stayed with profound questions. This is the Mother City and full of hope for the future. We have already been on the radio with Dr. Eve, on 702 /567 Cape Talk with Redi Direko and with Lisa Chiat of Cape Talk. Muhsin and I do a one hour special on the Muslim station- Voice of the Cape tomorrow morning (SA time) between 9 and 10 am, with live callers.
Janet Smith's article and Interview for 'Tonight' is on here

Filmmaker South Africa is on here

Arja Salafranca writes in the Culture Pages of ' The Sunday Independent'(October 28, 2007)-"...this is surely going to be a highlight of this years festival-astonishing to see in today's world' (if you see a link to this please send it to me).

There is a lot of press, a lot of warmth and engaged and large audiences. I will be updating as we prepare for Saturday's screening in Cape Town and get ready to head to Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Meanwhile do also read the comments thread for my Oh! England post-rather interesting, I feel.


Anonymous said...

ALLAH's Curse on you All...i.e Soddom

Anonymous said...

You must realize that you are sinners like all of us.What you are doing or want to do is totally against the law of Allah SWT.The way out of this, as is for all sinners is to follow the prophet SAW as he said when he returned from the Battle of Badr.Akbar Jihad,Jihadunafs.Do u really think that the beloved Rasool of Allah would condone your type of lifestyle.Shaytaan is whisperiing to your heart and you allowing shytaan to take over your heart.So fight the nafs and if you refuse to do so then dont proclaim to be Muslim,or even try to change the words of His prophet SAW,or change the interpretation of the Holy Quran to suit your lifestyles as this will only be to your own downfall. May the curse of Allah and his beloved prophet be upon you if you continue with this lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Salam to all muslim readers and Hi to all others. Bismillah! I begin in the name of Allah. These are my personal opinions/views/concerns etc. Firstly what people need to understand is that as in the case with any faith, you will have those who follow and abide by the laws which are interpreted by the religious leaders, scriptures and prophets. In this case, Islam has many types of believers. We are not placed on this earth to judge, but some way or another we will be judged by th One and Only Creator Allah. If we claim to be Muslim, then we accept whatever our Prophet muhammad (peace be upon Him) has left for us. Any matters of concern which are not clearly understood are to be interpreted by the Appointed Religious Legal Authorities in a specific town, country etc. The majority viewpoint of the religious leaders (Ulama) has to be followed. Muslims are not sweeping things under the carpet by NOT tackling the Gay/homosexual issue. It just remains a sin which needs to be dealt with by the persons who have fallen into this Satanic trap. As in the case with any other known sin in religion, we dont find people going around saying that they are attracted to stealing, have an unnatural urge to cohabit with animals, or tell lies. Its time for all sinners to come out of their trapped closets as they feel they no longer need to be demoralised and disriminated against. So homosexuality is a known sin in the Abrahamic faiths and there is no need for any muslim to redefine the scriptures and accepted beliefs for hundreds/thousands of years. There is no place in this argument for shuffling around the Mercy of Allah in saying that Allah is most forgiving and that he understands His creation and wont punish these transgressors and innovators. Allah will forgive, If the conditions of forgiveness are met by the slave. Admit, repent, succeed! I think all those Muslims who believe correctly should claim to be discriminated against for following the correct information and laws stipulated by Allah (most High).

Thurnie said...

Good-day Parvez,

I just came out of the packed Cinema in The Waterfront, Cape Town and can truly say I am taken in by the movie even me not being Muslim. I cannot really say I have experienced the same things that these courageous men and women have, and can only fear the outcome within their own country should they have remained there.

I am very concerned vis-à-vis the things revealed to us within the movie, and yes, you are right when you continually confirm that we must and should be lucky to live in a country that brings hope and remains to encourage those who feel threatened currently, despite the many problems we face daily.

I read with discontent the responses on other sites, others opinions and reactions of the documentary, yet them not really aware of the issues facing these man and women. I’m sure we echo the same sentiments as gays(GLBTI), when I say, to be normal is to be who you are truly comfortable with internally, and so the struggle would continue whether you are gay or straight, the battles don’t end because you define yourself as heterosexual? What the Imam’s daughter said tonight is true, whether you are black, white or dyslectic (as she put it), we accept the person in that form as they are (given to us by Gods Love), and so why is it so hard to accept someone who’s gay?

The documentary endeavors to open the can that has expired and been placed in storage. It reveals to us that awareness of the subject will spark debate and will lead to greater understanding and acceptance in the end.

The documentary being 8 weeks old since its debut in Toronto has still got many paths to venture, and by tonight’s response, I’m sure the road will become easier and smoother as it progresses to fulfill its desire for unity and acceptance within the broader Muslim community.

I feel honored to have watched it and can applaud you on a job well done and pray that your mission may be a success as you continue on your journey ahead.

Many thanks for a well informed and great documentary with brilliant answers that followed through the Q&A.


Anonymous said...

I begin in the name of Allah.TRUTH has come to us via the prophets,their lifestyles and the scriptures they have been given. There is maybe a need to understand the feelings and desires of a homosexual person so as to educate ourselves and our children that having these feelings is unnatural and needs to be fought within the self. The jihad is thus against these feelings and not letting it overcome you. No sane person will say that homosexual men do not have the lust for anal sex. Our prophet (SAW) did not allow a man to see the inner thigh of another man. The fact that gay men find men attractive is suggesting that they will inevitably nurture the thought of having relations with a man. If it is prohibited for a muslim man to be alone with a strange female (as the satan would be the 3rd party),then would it then also be prohibited for a male to be alone with a gay male? If it were,then why didnt our Prophet mention it?

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