NPR Today

I was on NPR this morning-their leading show 'Morning Edition' talking about Jihad.
More soon, including the Osama Bin Laden t-shirts selling on the streets of Tokyo. (click below to listen)

What Does 'Jihad' Really Mean?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Parvez Sharma,

I reside in Chicago and hope to see this film at its debut tomorrow/weekend. I have seen the trailer and several interviews on youtube. I am excited and thrilled to see this film. As a Muslim-American my personal Jihad with my sexuality has been in the forefront of my mind since I came out 15 years ago. It never goes away and the loneliness I feel at times balancing my spirituality and my life as gay man seems overwhelming, but I knew there are other Muslims dealing with the same issues. I THANK YOU and may Allah bless your efforts!
I hope to add more after I see your film.

Anonymous said...

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