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Here is a recent response on AfterElton which reviews the film.

Last night, a friend and I went to see "A Jihad for Love". I have the common point of also coming from an environment that is very negative about being gay - the Christian church. I has since reconciled my Christian faith with my sexuality (gay) and so I realize now that i can be Christian & gay & its ok together. And this movie showed that you can also be gay and be Muslim. In both cases, the religion is more liberal, but still it is the religion. This film gave me hope that one day gay Muslim people wont be so persecuted and hated and that one day, lots more Muslims might be ok with it. Some Muslims are already, as are in the film, of course.

"Jihad for Love" is an educational movie that I think all GLBT people should see. They need to know how it is for gays in other places, such as the Muslim world. And it would help them to be thankful for how good we have it here. We should not take our sexual freedom for granted here in the US, and we should guard this freedom. We can do this by being loving and kind to each other and spread peace. And not be obnoxious, self-absorbed, and rude, but instead be thankful, peacemakers, and spread our message of freedom in ways that the straight world will be able to understand and agree. We need to educate them by being good examples of how great gay people are for our society. Showing all the good things we have to offer. I know its idealistic but some in our community really need to hear this message and see this film. It was about love....winning them over through love. See this film, it will move you.

An interesting conversation has been unfolding on the FaceBook group of this film.

Message # 1
جميع الارهابيين هم مثلي الجنس ولعن من قبل النبي Mahomet

كل المسلمين ليسوا إرهابيين
ولكن جميع الإرهابيين هم من المسلمين!

المسلمون لكم ان اليهود هم عنوا به النبي Mahomet

يهودي يتحدث اليكم

Message # 2

"Lee Keen (London) wrote:where does it say in the holy Quran that its fine to be gay. there is no gay in islam..""Where in the Quran does it say it is fine NOT to be gay. There is no heterosexism in Quran. Surat ul Nisa says DON"T use your sex on women. It says protect women, and never use them. NEVER abuse them. The Lutis are the straight HETERO who hate and hurt. That is whom GOD says GOD hates: the ones GOD destroys are the ones like the people of Salih aws, the people of Nuh aws, the people of Lut aws, the people of Yunus aws, the people of Isa aws who hate and hurt and use and abuse, NOT US: gay people are the people God blesses in Quran. Being gay is a gift from God, Alhamduli'LLAH arrabial amin. Thank God I am gay. and God save us all from hate. The jihad of love is Islam. The GREATjihad is the jihad of love: ahadith

Message # 3
where does it say in the holy Quran that its fine to be gay???????????????????????

there is no gay in islam...
wot u talkin about!!!
may Allah tala 4give me....

Message # 4
punishments from god come to wer ppl r gay
dis is wrong in soo many ways
its haram to be gay
ur muslim den readhadits and da holy quran
ur not born gay
u choose to be gay
and dats wrong
my opinion
but i pray allah(swt) guides u to da rite path
and forgives u
cause muslims arent suppose to begay

Message # 5

"god made us males and females so we can be together its written with straight words and not only us even animals its the nature that god made that means ur going against that nature and going against god"

You seem to be basing your 'truth' more on the principles of nature than god. If u believe nature/science to be the answer to this issue, then u should be aware that there have in fact been many studies on the sexual practises of animals, both in the wild&domestic settings, which show a wide degree of homosexual activity. Coincidentally, this activity is perfectly acceptable amongst the groups of animals concerned, even those not actively participating in the fun.
I believe that if there was a God, it/he would have more important concerns than consenting individuals participating in something that comes natural to them, which doesn't cause harm&which, let's face it, is a much better hobby than hate-mongering.

Message # 6
It is not known whether people are 'born' gay or not. This is a very controversial subject and is open to much debate, so unless you can provide some new evidence, I suggest you do your research first before making such sweeping statements.
Even if people aren't 'born gay', that doesn't mean it is a choice. It is something which comes from within a person, just like ever other aspect of their personality, and is a huge and very important part of who they are as human beings. To deny this is to deny oneself and to live a lie. I'm sure no God would want people to live lies. Let me ask a question. Do u believe that the internet is wrong just because it hadn't been 'born' at the time of the Quran being written? No, of course not. And it is your choice to use it responsibly if you wish to do so. So please stop the hatred & let others make their own responsible choices in life and let them get on with it while u enjoy yours.

And then this from Lebanon (and I cannot comment but just reproduce, from Nawasib Mushriq)!

"I enjoy sodomy in the masjid alhamdulillah"

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