Am I Homophobic?

Question of the day, maybe the week, as all these PRIDES and much of the drug-infused hoopla that comes as a part of them ends...
Am I homophobic around these endless public displays of homosexuality?
In addition-what is worth fighting for? So in the 'Western mindset'-will it now be the battle for gay marriage in America (God knows in some other parts of the 'West'-it is a battle that is over) and then if that is won, what will be left?
Will the nicely packaged POC's (People of Color) find greater satisfaction if the Whiteness all around them condescends to give them, maybe a few more floats during Pride, maybe more representation on 'Queer' television, maybe carefully chosen Grand Marshalls that can represent 'diversity' in 'our community'?
Why on earth is Delhi now holding a 'Queer' pride-what is the word for 'Queer' in Hindi, or in Urdu, or even in Punjabi?
When will homosexuals really be free? Maybe after they win all the battles of 'identity politics'? Maybe when the Mayor of Tehran marches as Grand Marshall in Tehran gay pride?
Will Americas deep and profound racial divide finally end if Barack HUSSEIN Obama tries (and succeeds) in being less Black (and therefore more acceptable to every bleeding-heart liberal whose heart might just skip a few beats in a Black neighborhood at 2 in the morning?)....

Is the Obamapill really the bitter one America needs to swallow to really be free? And then what is 'freedom' anyway, and on whose terms? For that matter what constitutes the Change we can truly believe in?

Send me your thoughts....



AsukaRen said...


I think it's fantastic that a film like this exist. Because for one, there's finally a piece of media out there that doesn't portray Muslims as terrorists. It seems that gay Muslims are invisible.

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I agree totally. I think that the Western queer 'community' is insular: we don't give a damn about queers in other parts of the world who are suffering. I wish that we would turn our focus to the sufferings of queers the worldover instead of just fighting for our rights to have the trappings of a middle class existence. It's pride weekend where I live in London and I can't bare yet another day of flagrant hedonism whilst our brothers and sisters are executed or tortured in Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria, and countless other countries.

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