"To a Real Muslim this is an Attack"

This from Egypt:

"i know that by now; all the western world considers the gays issue to be a normal thing; not only this but it also gays have organization to defend them and their rights.
but to Muslims; this will never be a normal thing to deal with, as Islam consider this kind of human behavior to be one of the greatest sins that can be ever committed.
the main idea of Islam is to make the world look more and more like a Utopia, and this can not be achieved by challenging nature or changing the way that GOD set things to be.
i mean what will happen if the majority of men became gays and the majority of women became lesbians; Human race will start to extinct, there will be now children no Love in way we always knew it and all relationships will be based on sexual needs only, what kind of world is that.
i am not saying that there are no gays or lesbians who still call themselves Muslims.
but according to Islam they can not be considered Muslims anymore, so you can not take this movie by any mean as a point of view of a Muslim.
i know that what is being said about Islam every time you open the news channel do not support what i am saying, but please remember what was said about Christians and Jesus in the days of the roman empire.
i just wanna say that not everyone grows a beard or says i am Muslim is a real Muslim."

But as I discover every night as I answer questions in the theater-things are not always as they seem. The discussions audiences are having with me and the 'subjects' in the film seem to be widening in scope and depth...so much, really-happens in that cinema every night. I feel that in some small way I have already contributed something to the world.

Here are some more emails (as always I dont reveal a persons identity unless they permit me to)

O jihadist of love,
I cried thru the movie, almost of all of it, from as soon as it starts.
It’s amazing how really it’s a movie about faith – despite all the odds and the terrible wrongdoings of clerics – the desperate clutching to hope, faith, god, book, rays of light is immensely touching and inspiring.
I can see how this film, like trembling, can have a serious impact on generating conversation and change in the Muslim world. This is incredible and if only a tenth of the impact trembling had – it is already enough. Amazing grace.
Thank you much....Love you for doing this and very in awe of the work you have done on this.

And one more:

Hello, Parvez!

It was a pleasure (and an unexpected surprise) meeting you at the screening of JIHAD at IFC last night. Again, congrats on the success of the film and my appreciation on the dialogue it is bringing up. Hope that you feel the six years were well spent.Please stay in touch. I look forward to hearing what is on the horizon for you...

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