My FaceBook remains disabled

A search through a friends account revealed that some other 'Parvez Sharma' had set up an account. Another friend thinks it could be because of some of the groups I had joined-one which supports the Palestinian cause. Someone else says it might be because I was sending emails to my friends lists promoting the film. Yet another theory is that I was adding and accepting too many 'friends'. I have requested the films publicists to take up the matter with FaceBook and we are trying many channels to get through their opacity. So if you are trying to reach me there, as of now I do not exist there. If I am re-instated with the mercy of those tireless facebook employees, nameless and churning out all that html code ; )-then I will let you all know!
I mourn the loss of more than a 1000 friends, many of whom had seen or wanted to see this film. But I also wonder if this is a unique kind of a freedom from a strange online parallel universe.
Most of all I mourn the loss of a young gay Muslim man who was communicating his immense personal struggle with his family to me via FaceBook. You all have read some of his communications.

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